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Otago Museum, Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Researcher, Producer, Compiler, Editor
2005 - 2006

In 2005 I was asked to produce a montage of CowTV material
showcasing student life for an upcoiming exhibit at the Otago
Museum, simply titled Scarfies: Otago Student Culture. As part
of the floor space a TV would be placed in a mockup of an old
student flat that could be controlled by vistors between two
different channels. And this student footage was to be one of
the channels for the display.

Interestingly going back into the vaults of old CowTV material then
started me on a rabbit hole journey through a history of the show,
later turning 30 or so minutes of the Scarfies footage into a one
hour retrospective show that could be broadcast on the station
itself. And so, named after a tagline from the 2002 season 'More
Than Just Good Friends' it showcased events, highlights, and
montages from each year from the 1999 season until the end of
the 2005 one, when the project was finished.
The broadcast
edition continued to include material from the 2006 year as an

CowTV continued to run until the end of 2010, and after 11
seasons was replaced with a new student show on the station.

cowtv retro photos
cowtv retro video
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