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Graham McArthur, The Video Factory / Taylor Made
Camera Operator, Rigging, Training
2005 / 2006

Originally I'd heard through the hallways of Aoraki Polytechnic about a
New Year production being run by The Video Factory (Ian Taylor's video
production house) needing extra hands for rigging and cabling. The gig
was expected to be unpaid, but I figured it would be a nice extra to have
on the list of things I'd done.

As requested I e-mailed in my interest as well as a list of the things I'd
done up until that point, and was surprised when I got a phone call later
that day asking me to ignore coming into do cabling work but rather they
wanted me for a paid camera position. This was a nice surprise and I
immediately agreed.

On December 31st I arrived and met the director, vision switcher, and
crew. Once we started to get ready to rig the camera equipement, it
turned out a lot of the young crew they'd hired hadn't ever setup this
sort of gear. So I ended up going through showing them the rigging and
then once we had everything lined up in the truck, went through checking
they had the right ideas for focus, framing, and basically just general
shooting exerises. The material being shot would be shown on screens
around the town and also being broadcast live on Channel 9. Additionally
a recording of this was being made for later playback.

For the shoot I ended up as the handheld main camera, firstly shooting
from crowd level looking upwards at the stage... eventually I just asked
if it was okay to be on stage to shoot (because this made more sense
to me) and was told it was fine. For the rest of the night I moved my way
around the areas of the stage getting various shots. I also occassionally
would swap with my cabling assist, Marlies - who I'd also worked with at
Channel 9, so I could have a break and she could also have a go at
also shooting interesting shots.

new year carnival photos
new year carnival video
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