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Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Director, Producer, Editor, Writer and Researcher

During early 2006 I created the idea for a basic film and DVD review
show that could be made and broadcast on Channel 9. I did hours of
research and called various companies around NZ for screening
material and information, and with my co-worker Kez B. went and shot
a pilot episode which I then edited up. The presenter was the lovely
Lucy Smith, who did a great job with my wordy script. We shot in a back
room at the Metro Cinema in Dunedin, thanks to my friend Ivan, which
was nicely layed out with old film projectors.

Aside from music, I put everything together including making graphics,
sourcing footage, writing the far too wordy script, and trying to get the
pilot done under a deadline. The original idea was much broader than
the final product with interviews and so forth for the local industry, and
I hoped as the show gained momentum maybe these things could be
added - potentially nationally - as there was no show like it at the time.

Sadly the expected budget I wanted to meet didn't happen, and I
couldn't produce the show for as little money as I was offered. Due to
this I never continued with the show concept beyond the pilot staage.

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