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TV3 / CanWest Mediaworks
Sound Op, Camera Assist & Observe, Editing Observe
2003 / 2004

In 2003 as I was on my two week break during the middle of Film & TV
school, I took one week to do Work Experience at TV3's newsroom.
This meant that I mostly hung around the camera crews while we went
out to shoot material, but I also occassionally helped record sound, sit
in on edits and learn to edit when quiet, help shoot some studio material,
and just generally got news room experience.

I returned in 2004 for another week more of the same with the hope
that possibily I might continue on after my work on Dream Home would
finish, either as a stringer camera operator or weekend editor. However
I later decided to return to Dunedin and didn't pursue this further at the

It's worth noting when I returned to Wellington later, I applied as a
stringer camera operator in late 2008 for TV3 news. The same day I was
offered my job at TVNZ Avalon Studios I was also offered the stringer
part time role at TV3, however I turned it down for the full time work

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