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I've managed a keen work history, firstly in design and websites, however mostly in television. The latter is the reason for this page on my production work history. Since training at Avalon Studios in 2003 I have worked on a variety of projects; small to large; local, regional, national; full productions to short films and music videos; live and pre-recorded; large budget or basically made for nothing.

My skills in this area are widely varied, mostly because my training was like this and the majority of roles I've accomplished have always required me to be able to be multi skilled and learn fast. I easily believe this helps any and all employment chances I have in the workforce. Some of my current skills and experience are:

- Staff management and Training
- Extensive Camera Operation and Lighting
- Field Direction
- Live and Recorded Outside Broadcast Roles
- Studio Floor Operation, incl. setup, camera work, floor management, operation, etc.
- Extensive Live Control Room Production Work
- Extensive Video Tape and Server Operations
- Varied Editing history with Adobe Premiere and AVID
- Graphics and Design
- Archive material handling including film and tape formats
- Sound Desk and Vision Switching Operations
- Television Commercial production
- Research and
- Kitroom Equipment Preperation
- Runner and Driving roles
- General Production and Production Assistant duties

Check out the productions outlined below for a history and breakdown of the projects, my role in it, and more media from each part of my work history. Otherwise a brief copy of my current CV can be found to the right.

Most recent showreel. Click Vimeo/HD logo to watch in HD.
Backing track is 'Home Again' by NZ band 'Shihad'

Most recent CV in PDF format. Right click to save.

television history - paid employment
NEP New Zealand / NZ Live NZ
2015 - Current
NZ Live (2015-2018), NEP NZ (2018-Now)
Media Supervisor, Audio Op, Operations Break Cover and Weekend Co-Ordinator, Archives Operator, Field Director and Vision Switcher.
Outside clients include: NZ Racing Board (Trackside, Trackside 2), Mediaworks/Discovery NZ, Winter Games NZ.
Shift 4
2014 - 2015
Shift 4. Ltd, London
Camera & Kit Room Tech, Kit Assistant, Lighting and Grip Gear Prep, Driver  
TVNZ Avalon Studios / Avalon Studios
2008 - 2014
TVNZ Ltd. (2008-2013), Avalon Studios. Ltd. (2013-2014)
Avalon Video Tape / Media Operations
Video Tape & Server Operator, Junior Editor, Operations Co-Ordinator, Archive Newsfeed Operator
Outside clients include: NZ Racing Board (Trackside, TABTV), NZ Lotteries Commission (Lotto)
2006 / 2007
Moa Studios / C4
Camera Operator, Field Director, Episode 2-4 Editor  
Channel 9 Dunedin Television
2003 - 2006
Allied Press Dunedin
Production General (Almost everything, including specific shows listed below)  
Dunedin New Year Carnival '05/'06
2005 / 2006
Graham McArthur, The Video Factory / Taylor Made
Camera Operator, Rigging, Training  

Mitre10 Dream Home (Season Six)
Ninox Television / TVNZ Ltd.
Camera Assistant, Camera Lock-Off's / Time Lapse  

TV2 National Anthem - Dunedin Base
Camera Assistant, Dolly Assistant, Dolly Cabler, Cabler  

Sky Sport // One Sport
2003 - 2005
Sky Television / TVNZ Ltd.
Sports Cabler (Rugby Tests, NPChampionship, Basketball, Netball)  

other paid production history
"Avalon Studios Time Reel: 1975 - 2014"
Richard Lander, Avalon Studios Ltd.
Co-Planning, Co-Compile, Co-Editor  

Channel 9 News / Southern Newsweek
2004 - 2006
Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Studio Camera Operations, Setup, Sound Operations, Floor Manager, Editor/Compiler  

COW TV (Campus Otago Weekly TV)
2004 - 2006
Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Production Assistant, Studio and Field Camera Operator, Editing, Studio Setup and Operations, etc.  
"Really More Than Just Good Friends" COWTV: 1999 - 2006
2005 - 2006
Otago Museum, Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Researcher, Producer, Compiler, Editor  

Southern Attractions 2006
Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Camera Operator, Assistant Editor  

Reel Time (Pilot)
Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Director, Producer, Editor, Writer and Researcher  

Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Studio and Field Camera Operator, Field Director, Editor, Production Design, Co-Producer  

V Queenstown Winterfest 2005
Channel 9 Dunedin / V-Frucor
Camera Operator, Field Manager, Editor, Production Crew  

short film / music / other random video history - other related works
48HOURS Film Competition
2006 - 2018
Numerous Production Teams
Various, including - Main Camera/DOP, Lighting, Audio Recording, General Production, Production Co-Ordinator, Production Assistant, Runner, Still Photos, Effects Wrangler, Sound Editor, Main and Background Actor.
2017 Auckland Finalist, 2014 Brasov Finalist, 2010 Wellington Regional Finalist & 2006 Dunedin Regional Finalist
"Attack of the Hormones" - Nana Squad
Jez Brown - Music Video
Production General, Lighting and Camera Rigs, Background Actor  

"Showreel - Harley Neville"
2008 / 2009
Harley Neville
Camera Operator, Editor  

"The Project..."
2008 - 2009
Guy Pigden, Harley Neville - Pigville Productions
Sound Operator (Set 1), Camera Operator (Set 2), Production Assist  

"Stride" - Magnum Opus
Cole Gadsby - Mad Gad Productions - Music Video
Lighting and Production Assistant, Runner  

Channel 9 - Content Filler
Camera Operator, Editor  

"Speight's Shuttle"
Jez Brown - Mothra Film Festival Short Film
Camera Operator, Bit Part Actor, Production Assistant, Promotion
Nominated for "Best Special Effects in a Mothra"

"Los Banditos 7: Bo Cassidy's Revenge"
Callum Macdonald - Mothra Film Festival Short Film
Camera Assistant, Co-Editor, Bit Part Actor
Winner of Best Camera Operator
Nominated for Best Costumes, Best Script, and Best Mothra

"Kung Fools?" (Asian Influences On Modern Media)
AFTS Final Film Project
Director, Producer, Editor, Writer, Researcher

Avalon FTS Final Film Projects - Crew
AFTS Final Film Projects
Various - Camera/DOP, Lighting, Sound, Set, Edit Assist, Actor, Thanks, and General Production
Includes Director of Photography on the Course Director Awarded "Best Video 2003"

"This Town Ain't Big Enough For The 3 Of Us..."
AFTS Documentary Team Film Project
Co-Producer, Co-Editor, Co-Researcher, Co-Camera Operator, Co-Sound Operator

television history - additional education and work experience
Avalon Film & Television School / TVNZ Avalon Studios
2003 / 2004
Training at the Avalon Film & Television School in 2003
General Work Experience on shows - What Now?, Freaky, Captive, and Good Morning

TV3 News (Wellington)
2003 / 2004
TV3 / CanWest Mediaworks
Sound Op, Camera Assist & Observe, Editing Observe  

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