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Jez Brown - Music Video
Production General, Lighting and Camera Rigs, Background Actor

Jez and his band, Nana Squad, planned on filming a Star Wars themed
music video for their Star Wars themed track Attack of the Hormones.
I was called up by the producer Carly, who'd also been producer on the
last few years of the 48 Hours comp to see if I could come in and help

I was given the responcibilites to be a camera and lighting assist, and
we worked on rigging something out of the tripod and other gear to
make a body mount for the camera to get some shots attached to actor.
I then also got to dress up in one of the pilot outfits to be Rogue
Squadron member. Jez got quite happy about this as with a fake
moustache I looked much like the character from the original films,
Biggs Darklighter.

After the two day shoot, the edit took quite sometime mostly due to the
extra visual effects that were added to the shoot and general grade
also put on. The video was uploaded online for all to see, and the band
would often use it at events they went to. The most obvious of these
was when they played at the Armageddon Expo prior to and during
the 'Lightsaber Battle' at the expo in June 2010.

attack photos
attack video
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