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Letterbox'd Trailers From Hell DVD Profiler
LetterBox'd Trailers From Hell DVD Profiler - My DVD Collection
LetterBox'd is a New Zealand created film site which allows you to log your movie watching, write reviews, and share your information and lists with others. Created by director Joe Dante back in 2007, 3 times a week Trailers From Hell posts a classic film trailer with commentary from one of various famous cinema and telveision directors explaining trivia and info and their personal interests in the film shown. My DVD/Blu Ray Collection. This is my current list of items on my DVD shelf... I've watched almost everything at some point. The collection will be left behind in NZ while I travel overseas in 2014 onwards. One day I will return to watch things in it again.
EdgarWrightHere AV Club Empire Online
Edgar Wright Here The AV Club Empire Magazine
The personal website/blog of director Edgar Wright, one of my current favs (director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and The World's End). He's quite happy to have great contact with his fans and also regularly does film screenings of his fav cult films in the US and UK. My fav movie news site (also covers music and tv) due to it's irrevernant news coverage but even more so for it's excellent feature pieces and lengthy industry interviews. Worth a visit! Empire Magazine website. I purchase this magazine each month for it's decent feature coverage, but the website is also good for catching up on reviews and news not able to be put to print. Cinemassacre Escapist Magazine Cinemassacre The Escapist
Much like AV Club and Empire flicks covers films, but from a NZ based view. It's also great for local screening times and films, and has a generally decent ediorial blog. Cinemassacre is a US short film production company run by James Rolfe, most famous for his character 'The Angry Videogame Nerd' who reviews poorly made retro videogames. Currently the videos he makes is on a break as James produces a full feature length film of the Nerd character, and other members of his production team are working on other shorts on other geeky culture. The Escapist is a ezine style website with various features and coverage of gaming and entertainment, but I mostly visit it for Zero Puncutation - the weekly ramble video made by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, which is very entertaining.
I Survived a Zombie Holocaust Older Heat Vision & Jack
Facebook website for the New Zealand feature film made by friends of mine in Pigville, shot down in Dunedin and released in 2014. The Pigville guys are already onto shooting their second film as an indie film while the post production on their first film continues. You can see what they're up to and what help you might be able to give at their website. Heat Vision & Jack is a cancelled show made famous by it's pilot from the late 90's staring Jack Black. I found this back in 2003. The website linked is the shows creators page explaining how it got made and how it got canned. Both creators have gone on to large success in recent years. You can also find the whole pilot online if you look. Out of it also came the wonderful Channel 101.
GameTrailers Kotaku GamePlanet Kotaku GamePlanet
Videogame trailers, previews and reviews all in video form is what is. They also do various feature videos on easter eggs, and take other content from networked sites that look at retro games and other specifics. You can also upload your own content. Kotaku is my one of favourite gaming blog sites which has constantly updated stories almost 24/7. They also have great editiorials and retro sections. Gameplanet is my favourite NZ gaming website. Specifically I use the forums on there regularly to keep up to date with local news and information on the gaming culture in New Zealand.
EuroGamer RE ANB THIA Resident Evil Fan: A New Blood The Horror Is Alive
Eurogamer does UK and Europe based VG news, which I do occassionally read. But the main focus of visiting is usually the Digital Foundry which looks at the technical details of how games are made and often differences between various platforms. REFan A New Blood was the site I worked on from 1998 until 2009 or so, although it was still online until March 2011, and then was back up a few months later. Previously two seperate sites we merged in middle of 2003. The forums continue now, however both myself and the other former webmaster have given the site and content to another member who continues to run the site. The Horror is another Resident Evil site which focused a lot on the behind the scenes technical and unknown aspects of the franchise. Mostly now it is a news site and forum location, but it's future is yet to be seen.
Resident Evil Podcast Biohaze VG Junk
The Resident Evil Podcast Biohaze VG Junk
Another site for the franchise, this one looks into the details of the story and chornology of the series and is run by friends of mine. The closest to what I used to have with REFan is Biohaze, probably the current largest site on the franchise if you ignore Wikia pages (and you should). Great content and community. VG Junk is a blog on old retro videogames with a great sense of humor. The writer looks heavily into each game and picks at the successes and the failures of each title.
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