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Avalon Video Tape / Media Operations, TVNZ / Avalon Studios Ltd.
Video Tape & Server Operator, Junior Editor, Operations Co-Ordinator, Archive Newsfeed Operator
Outside clients include: NZ Racing Board (Trackside, TABTV), NZ Lotteries Commission (Lotto)
2008 - 2014

Upon joining Television New Zealand (TVNZ) Avalon Studios in 2008 I
was training into a Video Tape Operator Role, in which I was mostly
used in the New Zealand Racing Board's Trackside television channel.
This was later expanded to two channels, Trackside and TAB TV, and
I've worked on both since 2008 until now. This is mostly injest and
replay roles, including commercials, highlights, race slow motion
replays, and different types of color pieces or montages.

I was later trained into other show roles, including Good Morning for
TVNZ and the NZ Lotteries shows Lotto and Big Wednesday. I also
trained into the Operations Co-Ordinator role. This required me to learn
other control room skills including the Vision Mixing and Sound
Operation areas to a level of which I can provide 30-40 minute long
unsupervised breaks.

The other part of this role also required me to train up for news
related linefeeds at the TVNZ Television Archive located beside
Avalon Studios. This includings skills in film line up including
seperated audio, as well as color grading, and a variety of tape

In April 2013 TVNZ sold Avalon Studios and we were rehired under
the new company, Avalon Studios Ltd. Our roles didn't change greatly
however my new title was changed to Media Operator (owing to a
lower use of video tapes these days and more server based operations
and a reflection of the multi skill roles most operators take).
We continue to do linefeed work from the Archives from TVNZ as well.
I was also enouraged to return to my editing background during 2013
for a Avalon based showreel. As it was a major project the "timereel"
taking a number of months it has it's own page located here.

Some photos of work at Avalon and videos of some of the Trackside
montages are found below.

Avalon Film & Television School:

I originally trained in Film & Television at Avalon Studios, at their
school located within the Tower Block in 2003. The course covered
numerous areas including camera, lighting, editing, production design,
wardrobe, writing, and general production. Work varied from team and
solo assigments and a final video project was completed at the end of
the course. Seperate pages for major video projects are located on
my work page.

Work Experience:

During my time at the Avalon Film & TV School I was also offered the
chance to sit in and work on productions around the facility at the time.
This included Kids show What Now?, kid drama series Freaky, a
gameshow called Captive, and in 2004 I also returned to sit in on a few
episodes of early morning Infotainment show Good Morning. Most of
this was obvservation work, but occassionally I would be given tasks
to help out on or do on each of the productions. It was very basic work
expeirence as you'd expect in the industry.

avalon studios photos
avalon studios video
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