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Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Studio and Field Camera Operator, Field Director, Editor, Production Design, Co-Producer

Channel 9 has always had some form of shopping show for most of it's
existance, and it makes sense because sales led product pushes are
going to make a bit of money for the station. In my case I ended up
working on Marketplace, with the wonderful James Allred as presenter
and producer. James had come from the Sales team so he also often
had a hand in what products were put in the show. My job focused from
three points, and eventually James and I worked together so much on
the show I more or less became co-producer on the show content.

At first I was in the studio, shooting the studio based segements of the
show. This was fairly straight forward as I would help setup and light
the studio with other crew and then be placed on one of the camera
positions while we shot the segements. We'd schedule all of these on
one day to get this done.

Secondly I would go out and shoot field segments with James
presenting. These were a mixture of paid location shoots or markets
with local products. So we'd often end up shooting Beauty Products at
an upmarket department store one day, then be shooting segments at
the Farmers Market another.

Finally I would edit everything. This included first editing those field
segments into one or two sections for use during the show. Then
sometime before the Monday night timeslot, editing the entire show
together to include the studio segements with the field pieces, adding
graphics and titles, and checking the audio was cleanly mixed across
the whole lot before providing the final master for playout.

marketplace photos
marketplace video
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