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Sky Television / TVNZ Ltd.
Sports Cabler (Rugby Tests, NPChampionship, Basketball, Netball)

Cabling for sports events. Simple job, low pay, but a good step into the
industry if you play your cards right. I started during my film and telvision
school days in 2003 as the Camera Tutor was also the Floor Manager for
Sky's Wellington events and so we'd come into put out some cables and
then spend a couple of hours running back and forth along the sidelines
behind the camera guy, basically being his backup and making sure he
didn't get tangled or knocked over.

I continued to do this for Sky in Dunedin as well, and then also had my
name put forward when TVNZ was looking for people for it's Netball and
Basketball coverage. I stopped sometime in 2005 because the hours I
was doing for Channel 9 at the time, on weekends especially, meant I
really couldn't do the cabling thing anymore.

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