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Callum Macdonald - Mothra Film Festival Short Film
Camera Assistant, Co-Editor, Bit Part Actor
Winner of Best Camera Operator
Nominated for Best Costumes, Best Script, and Best Mothra

The Mothra Film Competition at Otago University ran for almost twenty
years until 2011, and for the 2005 event I was involved in two different

One of these was Los Banditos 7: Bo Cassidy's Revenge - a take on a
Western with a standoff showdown directed by Callum Macdonald.
Callum shot the majority of the film on a small handicam for the event
with basically a very simple story in mind, which we mostly expanded
up and simply made up as we shot.

When Callum had to appear on camera, one of us would take over the
camera duty filming various shots each. We otherwise all appeared in
the film in various roles (I played a Mexican during a couple of scenes)
and just generally had a lot of fun running around a pub in the student
area of Dunedin.

Callum edited up the footage, and got me to give it a second look over
which we then sat down and trimmed up some of the scenes and
recut a couple, then added some music. Finally Callum and I named it,
with him chosing the Bo Cassidy's Revenge part and me telling him it
would be absurd if he made it the 7th film in like a serial
western series that didn't actually exist. He agreed and ended up with
us calling it the Los Banditos saga.

The film went on to be nominated for four awards, including Best
Camera Operator, Best Costumes, Best Script, and Best Mothra. It
went on and won the Camera Operator award at the event.

los banditos photos
los banditos video
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