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Channel 9 / Allied Press, Dunedin
Production Assistant, Studio and Field Camera Operator, Editing, Studio Setup and Operations, etc.
2004 - 2006

COW TV - Campus Otago Weekly Television. When I joined COWTV I had
no idea what I would get myself into. Starting in the studio helping make
a nightly student show in 2004, we filled airtime with guests, videos, and
random humour. Studio work was almost anything and everything, as
you'd just fill gaps on where you were needed. Over a 5 show week I
could be on camera, video tape playback, taking phone calls, on sound,
or just helping on the studio floor. As the year went on I went onto help
shoot or edit material, pitch in on ideas, and help the producer make the
show work. I left in August of 2004, but when I returned at the end of the
year I promiced to return to the fun I'd had again for 2005.

2005 became a trial by fire under a new producer, although the show was
now 3 nights a week instead of 5. I managed to just keep working on
projects with the various crew members and as the year went on work
my way more into the production side, including covering the Winterfest
in Queenstown and the Undie500 car event. Issues aside between the
producer and some presenters, we managed to make the year an
eventful one and avoided repeating material unless required. It was a
hard year but also an exciting one.

With added work responcibilities at the station and beyond in 2006 I
took a step back from the production but the new producer knew me
from the show and was always asking me to come help out where I
could. And to be honest it was usually too much fun to say no. The
roles and responcibilities were reduced of my own choosing, but I also
often got to come do things when I wanted to, including being involved
in the planning of the opening titles and various high profile shooting

COWTV was an amazing training ground, sadly one that no longer
exists, but it gave me not only something to latch onto and continue to
upskill myself on but also allow me an entry into actual paid work with
the station as well.

cow tv photos
cow tv video

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