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Jez Brown - Mothra Film Festival Short Film
Camera Operator, Bit Part Actor, Production Assistant, Promotion
Nominated for "Best Special Effects in a Mothra"

The Mothra Film Competition at Otago University ran for almost twenty
years until 2011, and for the 2005 event I was involved in two different

One of these was Speight's Shuttle, the simple story of the Speight's
Brewery in Dunedin hiring scientists and astronaughts to launch New
Zealand's first shuttle into space. This was mostly done through a
training montage and later shots of joyous celebration (ripped from
other movies). The twist was however the Scientists do the training
montage and the guys put on the shuttle are just two simple guys.

I helped shoot the majoirty of the material in Channel 9, with the
director Jez shooting the training montage. I also end up in a small
apperance as a guitarist superimposed over the launch in an epic

A very silly film but one which was a blast to make, it was also
nominated into the Best Special Effects catagory for the year.

speight's shuttle photos
speight's shuttle video
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