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Avalon Film & Television School Final Film Projects
Various - Camera/DOP, Lighting, Sound, Set, Edit Assist, Actor, Thanks, and General Production
Includes Director of Photography on the Course Director Awarded "Best Video 2003"

Aside from working on my own final project, we worked in teams to
help create each others final projects. This saw you hopefully swap
around roles on each others productions. This meant I might be doing
camera on one production, or sound on another, or art department or
lighting, or anything else that needed doing. For the final films this is
what I worked on:

1. Waka Ama in New Zealand
Tee Wells did a documentary on Waka Ama, a form of outrigger
canoe, being raced here in this country. This was a personal subject
for her, and she spent much of the production working on this for
weeks before our final projects were supposed to be worked on. The
documentary came out looking stunning due to the extra work she
placed into it. I was credited as the First A.D. on the shoot, but really
she just credited everyone on the team with something even if they
hadn't worked much on it. In my case, I was less an A.D. and rather I
helped shoot two interviews and some cutaway works, and even
then this was mostly working on the sound recording side.

2. Enchanted
For Linda Jackson's drama set in a fairytale land, I was called on not
only to do some lighting and set work where needed, but appear as
an actor - one of the castle's servents. Thankfully the role required
minimal dialogue, which I was always terrible with, and mostly
required me to wear a silly outfit and run around a lot. It was a lot of
fun however, and all shot locally around the studio and local suburbs
making it mostly an easy production for us.

3. Lessons
For Chris Popperwell's drama/thriller, I was called upon to be the
Director of Photography. I shot a very basic and consistant style for
Chris' real world materal, but then went to also tell a stark story with
bright and specifically overexposed shots and creative visual angles
for extra storytelling. Chris was quite specific most of the time, so he
made the job quite easy for me. Chris would later add heavy grain to my
original overexposed shots to create an scary alternative world, mostly
inspired by a videogame. A weird rendering glitch as well provided
inspiration for the opening titles, which highly suited the material.

4. Te Timatatanga: The Beginning
This was Joe Tahana's visual telling of the creation of the Planet Earth
via Maori legend, through the seperation of the Sky Father, Rangi, and
the Earth Mother, Papa. Working as the Director of Photography with
Chris Popperwell as my lighting and camera assistant and under Joe's
well thought out direction, we created a contrast of our main actors
against dark backgrounds, colored lighting setting location and mood,
and creative camera angles to help explain this legend. The production
went on to win the Best Video award of the course from the tutors and
course director.

Aside from these four projects, plus my own, I was often credited with
a thank you in many other students productions. I spent a lot of time
providing editing assistance or production support, the areas of the
course other than shooting where I found myself the most comfortable.
Out of the final 20 student films, I am credited in 13 of them with either
a specific role or a special thanks. My contributions with my course
mates saw me awarded with an Peer granted "Overall Contribution To
The Course" award at the end of the year.

afts finals photos
afts finals video
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