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Channel 9 / Allied Press Dunedin
Camera Operator, Assistant Editor

In 2005 and 2006 the Southern Attractions tourism reel for Channel 9
was due for an overhaul, and so I was tasked with being both a Camera
operator and assistant editor for the new production.

Much of this required me to go out with Luke Chapman, the production
manager for the station, and shoot links and other material for the
presenter segements - with presenters Emma Smith and Dougal
Stevenson. Outside of this I was also tasked to go shoot extra city
scenes and shots of old photographic material from the Otago Early
Settlers Museum archives.

When it came to the edit, I was expected to digitize all of the new
material and assemble edit the items for the main editor to recut with
other existing materials and new already assembled commercials. I
was also expected to add any extra shots asked to be included without
the main editors assistance. Then help export the material for playback.
This material was being looked over by Joanna Smith, daughter of the
owner of Allied Press, who would then make final changes and
adjustments before the new reel started playing in the later half of 2006.

southern attractions photos
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