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Guy Pigden, Harley Neville - Pigville Productions
Sound Operator (Set 1), Camera Operator (Set 2), Production Assist
2008 - 2009

The guys together known as 'Pigville Productions' - Harley Neville and
Guy Pigden scripted a web series mocumentary based loosely on
events in their actual lives, trying to get a scripted sitcom on air in New
Zealand. Originally scheduled as 15 8-10 minute episodes to be
released in two season blocks, these were shot and cut into this
production length and then recut in a single block of 9 episodes. In the
end both versions eventually went online however.

When I was asked if I'd like to come work on the shooting, I had no idea
firstly how long this would take nor what I'd end up doing on it. With the
way the story went along, in total on and off was probably close to a year
of work for the guys as more story was added and extra ideas included.
At first my main job was sound, and I spent most of the first block of half
the original 15 planned episodes doing this. When it came to the second
block of shooting, the guys were down their usual camera operator for a
large chunk of the shoot due him off with work, so I stepped in and shot
a large amount of the second half, especially stuff in their current flat
location and other Wellington based locations.

The series was uploaded to several sites including a NZ comedy channel
on WebTV channel Ziln, screened on regional television in it's full length
15 episode form, and was uploaded on other video and social media. It
went towards their eventual success in getting NZFC funding for a feature
film which released in 2014.

As there is a total of 24 videos between the two styles they provided, I am
not including them below. Instead here are links to the two online YouTube
playlists for each version:

- You can watch the whole 9 episode season here.

- Or the full length 15 episode two season version here.

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